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Registration is now open at our Swimtopia site. Information is submitted on that site and you will find instructions to submit payment. Once registered, that site will be your information source for the team.


The Avonworth Swim Team is a community swim program that practices and competes at the Avonworth Community Park Pool and competes in the North Hills Summer Swim League (NHSSL).

Practices are daily, Monday to Friday. For swimmers 11 and older, practice time is 8:30 - 10:00. For swimmers 10 and younger, practice time is 9:45 - 11:00.  

This site is only an informational site for those that are interested in joining our team. To be added to our email list or for any other inquiries, please email the Parent Board at avonworthswimboard@gmail.com.





About the Alligators

The most important thing to know about our team is that we have a lot of fun. Along the way, the team works very hard to develop each of our swimmers as athletes, as sportsmen and as teammates. 

Our team is usually comprised of youths from as young as four or five (there is no minimum age but we do want each swimmer to be able to swim a length of the pool without stopping so they can fully participate in practice) to seventeen. Some of our swimmers have years of experience and some are swimming competitively for the first time. Our first time swimmers can be any age. No one should feel that because they haven't swam before, that they won't have a place with us.

Our practices generally start on a regular basis once the Avonworth School District is out of session and they run Monday to Friday mornings until the end of the summer season (which is usually around July 20th). While school is still in session, we may have a few evening practices depending on how the calendar falls and pool availability. The sessions are usually divided (roughly) between swimmers that are 11 years of age and older in one session and swimmers that are 10 years of age or younger in the other session.

Because of the size of our team (which has ranged from 100 - 150 swimmers), we do not rely on parents or volunteers. We have paid coaches who have considerable swim coaching experience and are usually coaching in other venues during other parts of the year. For the practice sessions with the younger swimmers, we will frequently also have older team members assisting the coaches and making sure that the wide range of ability levels are all being addressed. 

Our league meets are Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In the North Hills Summer Swim League, there are Gold and Silver Divisions. Our team is presently in the Silver Division and we expect to have six or seven dual meets against each other team in the division. At the end of the season, we will have two championship meets. The meets tend to focus heavily on relay events and although every swimmer tends to swim three or four events per meet, not everyone will be able to swim all the different strokes in meets. Also, because outdoor summer swimming tends to be a more relaxed environment than other venues, the rules enforcement tend to be less stringent.

Despite the predominance of freestyle and more relaxed rules enforcement, our practices will instruct all swimmers on all four strokes - freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly - and how to swim them properly in any competitive environment. Everyone will work on starts from the blocks. Everyone that is at a skill level sufficient to grasp a flip turn will be instructed on flip turns. Everyone will be instructed, for instance, that breaststroke and butterfly finishes must be with a simultaneous two-hand touch. Our priority is to develop each swimmer, their technique, their strength and their endurance, as much as possible. We encourage our coaches to constantly provide feedback, both positive and constructive, as much as possible.

Registration for the team usually starts in late April or early May. Forms will be posted here we have a mailing list and will also distribute the forms via email immediately once they are available. To be added, please send a request to avonworthswimboard@gmail.com. For anyone that is uncertain about joining the team, we will happily allow anyone to join the team on a trial basis. We can collect the registration fees after the decision is made to stay with the team. To participate on a trial basis, however, we do require that the Medical Information Form be signed and turned in before the swimmer joins a practice.

Once registered, the swimmer will be added to our roster on TeamSnap. All meet registration (and some other functions) occur solely on that site. 

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If you have any questions, please send an email to

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